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Covid 19 Update ... Closure of Facilities
Posted on Mar 31st, 2020
We originally were told to shut down our facilities for 15 days with a planned re-opening of April 2nd. That has now been superseded by the State and the Federal Government.  As The President and Governor Cooper have now issued a “stay at home” directive, we must extend closing our facilities until April 30, 2020 - and this date is subject to change.  These are stressful times for us all but we must strive to keep the health and safety of our families and community in mind while we traverse this crisis.
MG Social Events
Posted on Mar 17th, 2020
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, in order to keep our residents safe, the Adult Scavenger hunt scheduled for March 21st is postponed for the time being, The Easter Egg hunt planned for April 4th has been cancelled and the Social committee will contact participants directly concerning refund on money. Finally, in the next few weeks we will make a decision regarding holding the garage sale on April 25th.  Stay Well.  Magnolia Greens Board of Directors
Covid-19 Update ... Closure of All MG Facilities
Posted on Mar 15th, 2020
Under an abundance of caution due to the current COVID-19 situation that has led to the declaration of a national emergency, it was the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors, Facility and Social Committees to close ALL Magnolia Greens facilities effective 12pm (NOON) on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 and remain closed through at least April 3rd, 2020.
Air Hockey Table Status Update
Posted on Feb 28th, 2020
The air hockey table in the Annex Game Room has a new top as promised on February 27 2020.
Thanks for your patience and cooperation.
Rec Center - Updates and News
Posted on Feb 20th, 2020
FRONT DOORS:  The Recreation Center front doors have been repaired and are now functioning correctly.
Please swipe your badge and wait for the door to open, do not pull on the doors.  All people entering are required to swipe their badge.
RESTROOMS/LOCKER ROOMS:  Please be aware that Lockers 1-4 in both the Ladies Room and Men’s Room are now set to open
at all times.  This was done for your convenience to store items while you are in the Recreation Center.  Please be aware that NO VALUABLES should be stored in these lockers. 
Rec Center Vandalism - Update
Posted on Feb 13th, 2020
The resident who broke the Men's locker cabinet door has remitted a check ($250.33) to cover the cost to repair the door. This amount covers MGMA costs to correct the broken door. The alleged aggressor no longer resides in Magnolia Greens not NC.
This closes out this issue.     Board of Director
Posted on Feb 9th, 2020
The Air Hockey Table in the Annex has been out of service recently.  We have been given a tentative date of Feb. 27 for delivery of the new top.
Rec Ctr Front Doors
Posted on Feb 6th, 2020
With the constant problems experienced with the front doors, the BoD has voted to replace the vertical rod doors closure system with a magnetic lock system
Call for Volunteers
Posted on Sep 23rd, 2019
Magnolia Greens’ Greatest Asset – Our Volunteers
Serving on a committee or board is one of the best ways to become involved and make an impact in our community. Each year a number of openings occur within our committees providing everyone with the opportunity to contribute to MG’s success. The form Volunteer to Serve on a Committee is easily found on the website under forms and in each committee section.   Just fill it out and submit on line. This form will notify a committee chairperson of your interest in volunteering for that committee. Listed below are a number of groups for residents to match their skills and talents but really all one needs is a desire to help your community. 
Please Read More to see the specific needs for the coming year at Magnolia Greens.
Special Assessment Reminder
Posted on Sep 18th, 2019
This is a reminder for Magnolia Greens property owners who chose the installment payment plan option. The last payment ($200.00) for the 2018 Special Assessment is due October 1st 2019. This will complete the 2018 Special Assessment.  
Request for nominations to Board of Directors
Posted on Sep 1st, 2019
In anticipation of the upcoming Community Meeting, we are soliciting candidate nominations for the Magnolia Greens Master Association, Inc. Board of Directors.
Pool Showers and Wet Clothing
Posted on Aug 26th, 2019
Wet clothing or bathing suits are only permitted inside the outside bathrooms, indoor pool room and Rec Center locker rooms.   Please do not enter any other area in the Annex Building or Rec Center with wet clothing or bathing suits.  Let’s keep our new facilities viable and safe!
Access Rules Infractions
Posted on Aug 20th, 2019
It has come to the Board of Directors’ attention that there is continued infractions of our access rules. Access to any and all MG amenities is via the card readers.  Residents in good standing (current with dues and not subject to violation penalties) will be able to enter facilities with the new access badges.  These badges have been available at the CEPCO office since April and now can be obtained at the Rec Center office Monday thru Friday 8:30 am – 1:00 pm and first and third Saturday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.
Rec Center Information to Review
Posted on Aug 16th, 2019
With the opening up of your newly renovated Rec Center, please take a few moments to acquaint yourselves with the updated rules associated with these amenities by reviewing the appropriate document (Annex and Game Room Rules, Multi-purpose Room Rules and Facilities Overview).   Please note that at this time we will not be opening up the Multipurpose Room or the Annex/Room for RENTALS. These amenities will be open to all owners with proper badging and reevaluated for rental purposes after a period of 3 months.  Click here to review these documents
Please enjoy your new facilities and be respectful of the rules of usage.
MG Entrance Sign Replacements
Posted on Jul 9th, 2019
This year the MGMA approved changing the entrance signs at Azalea Gardens to improve its appearance.
Forest Edge also had their entrance sign removed due to deterioration of the columns and line of sight issues.
OCH Pool Usage - Large Inflatable Items
Posted on Jun 17th, 2019
With only one pool available at this time, it is important to address the limitations of enjoyable space.  When so many residents are in the pool at the same time, large inflatable items create both a hazard and an inconvenience for everyone in the pool.  
Please Read More to see the full message from the BOD.
Clock Tower Tree Removal
Posted on Jun 15th, 2019
Our tree removal has begun at the clock tower but it has come to our attention that a mother bird has placed her nest in one of the holly trees.  This tree will stand until the young ones can leave the nest.  The symmetry will look a bit odd for awhile but our landscaper will monitor the situation and remove the tree when the birds relocate.  Please do not think the work is incomplete; we just want to give our feathered friends a chance.
Update on Lindenwood extension proposal from theTown of Leland
Posted on Jun 2nd, 2019
The Glendale Rd to Lindenwood Dr Extension, $100,000.00
Budget Item, was dropped from the 2019 TOL Budget for fiscal year 2019.
For earlier communication from the BOD on this issue, please Read More
OCH Pool Message
Posted on Jun 1st, 2019
As many of you know, the Owners Clubhouse (OCH) pool was re-surfaced and re-tiled over the winter shutdown. 
Since the pool has opened in mid-April, there have been several instances where  children’s feet have been scrapped and cut. From the first notification of this injury, your Board of Directors (BoD) and Facilities Committee have been working to determine what caused this problem.
Please Read More to see the full article
New Badge Distribution
Posted on May 14th, 2019

If you have not yet picked up your new ID badges, they are available for pick up at the CEPCO office during their regular hours. (Monday through Thursday 8:30 am – 1 pm, and Fridays 8:30 am – 12:30 pm) 

If you have any questions or unusual circumstances, please call the Rec Center Office at CEPCO, 910-313-2336.

Swales and Property Owner Responsibility
Posted on May 12th, 2019
Your Board in conjunction with the Grounds Committee has performed a review of all Magnolia Greens swales. The review was to ensure that the swales were sloped properly (fall) and to ensure that owners were maintaining their swales on their property. The Storm Water Permits require that the swales have a certain slope and be properly sodded for water runoff. In the last two years, we have correctly re-sloped and sodded eight (8) swales throughout Magnolia Greens. 

Pet Reminder
Posted on May 7th, 2019
Just a reminder that dogs are to be kept on leashes when off resident’s property and under total owner control while on resident’s property.  Our HOA General Use Guidelines state:
 “Pets must be leashed at all times when off the Owner's Unit and droppings must be immediately removed. Pets are not allowed on the Golf Course. Pet owners may be subject to fines assessed by the Association and/or the Golf Course operation for any violation and damage.”
The Town of Leland also has code ordinances concerning restrictions on pet waste and running at large (detailed information can be found on the ToL’s website). 
Failure to obey could result in Animal Control getting involved which leads to civil issues handled by the ToL Police Department.
MGMA asks that all pet owners be considerate and follow these simple guidelines so that all residents can enjoy our outdoors.
MGMA Board of Directors
Special Assesment Payment Reminder
Posted on Apr 28th, 2019

This is a reminder for Magnolia Greens property owners who chose the installment payment plan option. The second payment ($100.00) for the 2018 Special Assessment is due May 1st.  Late fees will be assessed should CEPCO not receive payment by May 31st.  As a reminder, any account balance may be paid early at your convenience.  

April Rec Center Update
Posted on Apr 14th, 2019
OCH Pool Opening April 12th
Posted on Apr 11th, 2019
OCH Pool Opening

Good news!  The OCH pool passed its opening inspection allowing the pool to be opened this Friday, April 12th.  You will need your new Magnolia Greens security badge to enter the pool area. Click 'Read More' for the full announcement.
Downed Brick Columns and Fence on Pine Harvest
Posted on Mar 19th, 2019
The Board “at last” is able to announce the repairing of the downed brick columns and fence on Pine Harvest near the entrance into Waterford.  Please Read More to see the full article.
20th Anniversary Gala Slideshow
Posted on Mar 18th, 2019
Close to 100 new photos from the 20th Anniversary Gala are now available on the website.  Please click here to read the upcoming Newsletter article, and see the entire slideshow.
Second (2018) Special Assessment Reminder
Posted on Feb 25th, 2019
The 2018 Special Assessment grace period ends March 31, 2019. This date applies to both the full payment option ($500.00) and the first installment payment ($100.00).  Please note the due and late after dates printed on the coupons that were mailed out in October. There are no additional mailing notices of these payments. Late fees will be assessed should CEPCO not receive payment by March 31st.  Click here to read more.
Updated Amenities Rules
Posted on Feb 13th, 2019
In anticipation of the new recreational and fitness center,  amenities’ rules have been reviewed and updated.   Click here to view the new rules, along with related forms, in the Amenities section of the website.
Rec Center Renovation
Posted on Feb 10th, 2019

Please read the February update on the Recreation Center renovation, with updated pictures of the interior construction by clicking here.

2019 Recycling Calendar
Posted on Jan 3rd, 2019
Semi-annual Dues and Special Assessment
Posted on Dec 15th, 2018
This is a reminder to all Magnolia Greens property owners that your semi-annual MGMA payment is due January 1st.  The Special Assessment is a separate payment for the renovation of our Recreation and Fitness Center and new Annex/Game Room.  Please refer to the two letters (one for the semi-annual dues and one for the Special Assessment) that you received and note the due and late after dates.  There is no additional mailing of these notices.  As a reminder, any account balance may be paid early at your convenience.  
Please Read More>> for the complete notice
BOD Needs A Recording Secretary
Posted on Dec 7th, 2018
The Board of Directors (BOD) is soliciting the community for residents who may be interested in serving as their Recording Secretary (RS).  While this is a non-voting position on the BOD, it is an extremely important post.  The RS allows the sitting secretary the ability to engage in the discussions during the meeting and not have to worry about also recording the minutes.
Board of Directors Announcement
Posted on Nov 13th, 2018
At the 2018 Annual MGMA Meeting two new members were elected while retaining one current member. Please Read More for the complete announcement.
Hurricane Cleanup
Posted on Oct 25th, 2018
Hurricane Florence
Posted on Oct 1st, 2018
Keep current with Hurricane Florence information ...
Tree Removal Grace Period Has Ended.  Click here for more information
Debris clarification
Posted on Sep 28th, 2018
Click on the link below
Hurricane Florence update
Posted on Sep 27th, 2018
Update on the aftereffects of Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina on September 14th knocking out electrical services, internet services, and even cell phone services.  Our community, much luckier than others, is slowly recovering from damaged homes and disfigured property. The return to normalcy depends on a number of variables; many outside the control of MGMA.  Within our means, the Board and all its committees are working diligently to bring our community back to functionality.  This will take time and we believe realistically can be accomplished by end of October; therefore, we ask for patience and perseverance from our residents.
Tree removal grace period
Posted on Sep 27th, 2018
Tree removal grace period ends
The grace period for removal of trees without ASRC approval is hereby ended.  Anyone found removing a healthy tree after 5pm tomorrow September 28th is subject to a $2500.00 fine. Our ASRC will expedite any valid requests for tree removal once the request is received by Cepco.  Please continue to follow Storm Damage Tree Guidelines and complete Architectural Change Request Form as needed.
The Aftermath of Hurricane Florence
Posted on Sep 19th, 2018
Hurricane Florence has caused massive damage to our state, which will need to be addressed in the following months and possible years.  For Magnolia Greens we have downed trees and fences, damaged homes, lost of utilities, flooding and limited supplies.  We are thankful that the residents who stayed and those who evacuated are safe and grateful to the neighbors who have helped each other in many ways during this time.  Please click 'Read More' and read the important contents of the full announcement.
Street Drains
Posted on Sep 10th, 2018
Dear Magnolia Greens Neighbors,
Your Board of Directors and the Grounds Committee have been working hard on the flooding issues within our neighborhood. However, there is one major thing all of you can do to help that is not difficult but will probably make the largest impact on street flooding during Hurricane Florence.
We are seconding the message sent by the MGMA Board to please look now at the street drains around where you live and clean them of all pine straw and any other debris. Unfortunately, they will probably clog again once the high winds blow more pine needles and leaves into the street and the heavy rains wash them into the street drains. To that end, we ask you to periodically (when it’s safe) clean the street drains again of accumulated debris to help the water drain into our storage ponds.
Thank you,
Dennis Collene
Chair, Magnolia Greens Grounds Committee
Rec Center Closure Information
Posted on Sep 1st, 2018
The Rec Center will close for renovation at 11PM on September 4th, 2018.  Please click here for information on the construction site, alternative workout locations, and access to the Rec Center staff during the renovation.
Second Special Assessment for Rec Center Renovation
Posted on Aug 30th, 2018
MGMA Board of Directors has approved the second Special Assessment for the renovation of the Magnolia Greens Recreational Center. Click here for details and payment options.
Magnolia Greens Amenities Personnel During Renovation
Posted on Aug 26th, 2018
The Magnolia Greens Recreation Center will close at 11 pm on Tuesday, September 4th and the normal duties of Rec Center staff will be relocated at the CEPCO office during the renovation.  Sallie & Marlene will continue their duties, including taking pictures of the new residents for badges and reserving the OCH at this location – Cepco Office, 1022 Grandiflora Drive Suite 100, Leland, North Carolina 28451.   Their hours will be Monday through Thursday 8:30 am to 1:00 pm and Friday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.  A dedicated phone has been sent up for our Rec Center staff and that phone number is 910-313-2336.  To continue reading, click Read More ...
Waterford Guest Passes During Rec Center Renovation
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2018
The Magnolia Greens Rec Center will close at 11 pm on September 4th.   The BOD and Facilities committee has negotiated with Waterford the use of their work out facility during the time our rec center is closed.  Please respect Waterford’s rules and return guest passes on a timely basis as other residents of MG would like to take advantage of this privilege. 
IMPORTANT:  For a complete description of the terms and conditions for use of these passes, click here
Temporary Access to OCH Pool and Tennis Courts
Posted on Jul 20th, 2018
Until the new security access key cards are available, the process for entering the pool area at the Owner's Clubhouse and the Tennis Courts has changed.  Please click here for details.
Community Re-badging Effort
Posted on Jul 17th, 2018
The operation to re-badge the entire Magnolia Greens community is underway.  New badging hardware and software has been installed and Cepco staff has been trained in its procedures.  This intensive effort will involve making over 2,000 new badges. CEPCO staff will be working longer hours through the summer to meet the September deadline.  Please click below to read the entire article ...
Latest Update on Owner's Clubhouse Pool
Posted on Jul 11th, 2018
The Owners Clubhouse Pool is open! 
Repairs to the sand filter were completed this morning.   Please remember that due to the security system the pool will be manually opened at 7 am and closed at 8 pm.  Residents must use the front gate as it will be the only gate to access the OCH pool.  We appreciate your patience and want all of our residents to enjoy the pools during this hot summer season.
MGMA Board of Directors and Facilities Committee
Rec Center Renovation Update.
Posted on Jul 8th, 2018
Recreation Center Update - July 2018 
As we move into mid-summer the Rec Center Renovation project should have reached a milestone, namely the conclusion of its design phase.  This phase included not only developing the new floor plan for the current rec center and its companion new annex building, but also selecting most of the visible interior finishes.  These include ... 
To read the complete article, please click below:
July 4th Parade
Posted on May 31st, 2018

The MG July 4th Parade NEEDS YOU!

Your Social Committee invites you to join the fun. Celebrate 20 Years of Magnolia Greens!

Special Assessment Payment Reminder
Posted on May 16th, 2018

For those residents who chose the second option B for the 2017 Special Assessment,  CEPCO should receive the second installment of $100.00 by close of business May 31, 2018.  Late fees will be assessed after this date. 

Access Pass Usage at Amenities
Posted on May 11th, 2018
It has come to the attention of MGMA that several incidents have recently occurred in which persons either without a key card or a key card that is deactivated have gained entrance to our amenities. This email is to remind residents that they should not allow entrance to any person who is not utilizing their own key card for entrance.
Register for Swim Lessons
Posted on May 10th, 2018
Information on the new swim lesson program, with downloadable registration materials is now available on the website.  Please click here for further information.
Playground Opening
Posted on Apr 27th, 2018

Magnolia Greens new playground equipment has just been installed!

The old out of code equipment has been removed.

Notice of suspicious person
Posted on Apr 12th, 2018
In the past week, there has been two instances where a 30 something caucasian male approximately 6 feet tall has been observed roaming in Magnolia Greens near and around the Rec Center. He keeps saying that someone is after him and asking if you can hear them. He does not live in Magnolia Greens and does not seem dangerous (at this time) but one never knows. 
The Police have arrested him twice. The first time, he was taken away via EMS.
The MG Board is asking that you keep ever vigilant; keep your garage and house doors secure. This message is not to frighten but to advise and ask that you perform normal security measures. 
As always, please relay this message to neighbors who may not have received this email.  Thank you.
Compliance Crossword Answers
Posted on Apr 8th, 2018
Click on 'Read More' to see the answers to the Compliance Committee Newsletter 
Mailbox Numbers Update
Posted on Apr 6th, 2018

Over the past several weeks there has been an abundance of notifications for mailbox numbers that need resident's attention. At the March BoD meeting (March 19), your Board received a comment regarding the numbers and asked that we look at other options that would last longer and improve appearance.

Special Assessment Payment Reminder
Posted on Mar 18th, 2018
Special Assessment Payment Reminder
The 2017 Special Assessment grace period ends March 31, 2018. If your payment plan is Option 1, CEPCO needs to receive the $500 by the end of day March 31st and if your payment plan is Option 2, CEPCO should receive the first installment of $100. by the end of day March 31st. Late fees will be assessed after this date.
Please contact CEPCO at 1022 Grandiflora Drive Suite 100, Leland, NC, 910-395-1500 if you have any questions about your Special Assessment Payment or HOA account.
As always, please share this email with your MG neighbors who may not have received it,
Thank you.
MGMA Board of Directors
Magnolia Greens 20th Anniversary.
Posted on Jan 20th, 2018
Save the Date!
We are planning activities to celebrate the Anniversary of Magnolia Greens.
Plans include a shot gun start golf tournament on September 22, and a gala banquet on September 23 2018.