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Update on Lindenwood extension proposal from theTown of Leland
Posted on Jun 2nd, 2019

The Glendale Rd to Lindenwood Dr Extension, $100,000.00
Budget Item, was dropped from the 2019 TOL Budget for fiscal year 2019.
For earlier communication from the BOD on this issue, please Read More
Response from Town Manager to
An inquiry from MG resident
With all the interest in the Lindenwood/Glenwood extension (pass through), I am including the following response from David Hollis, ToL Manager, to a question raised by a Forest Edge resident.
“The intent of staff is an emergency connection that will be used for emergency vehicles.  We envision the connection with a gate or other barrier to restrict any public vehicular travel.  The funding request in the upcoming budget year is only to secure the property for the connection.  The actual emergency connection and vehicular barrier would occur in future budget years.  With the hurricane last year, staff identified several areas around town where better connectivity would have been beneficial to our operations and response.  This location is one of those places.”
Remember the ToL Budget Meeting is planned for Monday, June 3rd, beginning at 6pm. The meeting will be held at Town Hall. If you have an opinion on this matter, please attend this planning meeting and personally express those thoughts.
Board of Directors
One part of the Town of Leland’s Capital Project Budget is a project that will greatly impact our community.  This project plans to open up access to Magnolia Greens via Lindenwood Drive (in the Forest Edge section) from the Glendale community (located behind our border fence) with the thought to provide easy access for emergency vehicles and others.  This is only in a conceptual stage and has no definitive start date.  
The intent of this email is to alert our property owners of this pending action.  ToL’s next budget meeting hearing is Monday, June 3rd at 6 pm at ToL Town Hall.  All interested parties are encouraged to attend and give voice to any concerns.   Contacts to ToL’s Board members, Councilmen members, Town Manager and Town Mayor can be found on the ToL’s website should you wish to express your thoughts on this matter via email or letter.  
Many of our residents are aware of the issues with cut through traffic and this would be another avenue of pass through traffic in our community.  With the increased number of young families with children in our community, this project presents a large concern for our youth.   Please take the opportunity to let our town officials know of your interest. We encourage interested parties to attend Monday’s meeting.
MGMA Board of Directors