Clock Tower Tree Removal
Posted on Jun 15th, 2019

In an ongoing process to improve the line of sight at various areas in Magnolia Greens, the Grounds committee and the Board of Directors have approved Superscapes’ proposal to remove the four large holly trees surrounding the clock tower.  These four trees have also been identified as showing signs of disease. This work will begin as soon as possible for safety reasons, as the trees affect visibility of oncoming vehicles from the commercial section on both sides of the road.  Please use caution traveling around the clock tower while the work is going on.
At a later date the entire landscaping around the clock tower will be evaluated and new plantings will occur but this will await for the proper season and funding to do such work. 
Thanking you in advance for your patience with this project. 
Grounds Committee and MGMA Board of Directors
Latest note:  Our tree removal has begun at the clock tower but it has come to our attention that a mother bird has placed her nest in one of the holly trees.  This tree will stand until the young ones can leave the nest.  The symmetry will look a bit odd for awhile but our landscaper will monitor the situation and remove the tree when the birds relocate.  Please do not think the work is incomplete; we just want to give our feathered friends a chance.