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OCH Pool
Posted on Nov 25th, 2019

During the summer, there were several concerns expressed that children were cutting their toes on the pool surfaces. The Board and Facility Committee responded to these concerns by ensuring that the OCH pool would be drained and carefully examined.
With the closure of the pools and need to review the work done by the pool finishers, the OCH pool was totally drained. On Friday, November 22, members from the Facilities Committee and the Board met at the OCH to examine the pool finish - both walls and pool floor.
The results of that examination indicated that there are areas on the pool floor and walls that will require re-work. These found areas are minor in size but still caused a problem.
This re-work effort is scheduled to begin Tuesday, November 26th. When the re-work is complete, the Board and Facility Committee will perform another evaluation to ensure the re-work was done to our expectations.
The Board will post updated information on our website when this information becomes available.