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Rec Center Vandalism Update
Posted on Dec 9th, 2019

This message is to provide an update on the vandalism that occurred in the Men’s Locker Room.
The two doors that were broken have been reordered and are scheduled to be replaced during the week of December 9th. The alleged perpetrators have been identified and the appropriate actions, both legal and criminal, have been taken. In the original incident where the door was ripped in half, the Leland Police Department was called and we provided them with visual documentation and other data as requested. Their investigation is now complete and a court subpoena is issued for the alleged violator. The violator is being charged with a misdemeanor of physical damage. We are waiting official notification of our court date.
The second violation of a damaged door has been identified through security footage. This damage, though less intrusive and not as violent as the original incident, also requires a replacement door scheduled for repair this week.
In both cases, violation notices have been issued by Cepco and we will follow all the proper steps required by NC statutes. Both alleged violators are renters. The property owner has been advised of these violations and will be held financially accountable for the replacement costs.
The damage to the sauna presents another issue in itself. Without being able to place cameras in the Locker Rooms and without being able to more definitively define the time frame, it is difficult to determine the alleged violators. We need your assistance in visually checking the room each time you use the facility. We understand this may be time consuming, but we need to maintain a vigilance within this facility as often as possible.
Thank you for your understanding in these matters.
Board of Directors