Pool and Tennis/Pickleball/Basketball Court Hours
Posted on Aug 27th, 2020

The pools and tennis/pickleball/basketball courts will now be closed at 8 pm (dusk).  
  • According to our permit by the State of North Carolina, pools must be closed by dusk.  If we allow people to use pools or pool decks when there is inappropriate lighting, we could be closed down. 
  • The pools will close at 8 pm and will continue to be closed for cleaning for the hour posted on the gate.  A resident found in violation of these rules may have amenity privileges suspended  and a fine may be assessed. 
  • The tennis/pickleball/basketball courts will also be closed at 8 pm (dusk) and the lights have been turned off. 
  • When playing tennis 6 people are allowed on the court at one time
  • When playing pickleball, 10 players are allowed on the courts at one time
  • When playing basketball, 6 players are allowed on each of the courts at one time, for a maximum of 12 players.
  • Each resident is limited to 5 guests.
  • The courts must be vacated by 8 pm (dusk).  If any of the above rules are violated by a resident, amenity privileges may be suspended and a fine may be assessed.
  • This action is caused by our fences being climbed by non-MG residents and the failure to adhere to the person limits placed for the courts.
When using any Magnolia Greens amenities, you do so at your own risk.