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Political Sign Policy
Posted on Oct 7th, 2020

Election Day will be here soon, and we want to remind our residents about the Magnolia Greens Political sign policy. 
1.      Homeowners may place political signs on their property.  The signs must be no larger than six square feet.  Such signs shall not be:
A.     illuminated;
B.     within a public street right-of-way;
C.     closer than ten (10) feet from the edge of the street pavement or within a required sight distance triangle;
D.     attached to trees or utility poles; roof mounted;
E.     taller than four feet. 
2.      The signs must be temporary in nature e.g. cardboard with wire. 
3.      Signs are not permitted on Common Areas. 
4.      Only one (1) sign per candidate is permitted and no more than three (3) signs per property are allowed.
5.      Signs shall be placed no earlier than forty-five (45) days prior to the election and may remain no longer than seven (7) days following the election.
6.      Signs shall be placed on the lawn.  No sign shall obscure motorist’s visibility.
7.      Placement of political materials on vehicles or dwellings or in mailboxes is not permitted.
8.      Newspaper slots may be used for political information sheets and flyers.
9.      Residents who violate this policy are subject to fines of a maximum $100 per day.
Don’t forget to vote!
Thank You,
The Board of Directors