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Community Concerns re: Landscaping
Posted on Jun 28th, 2017

The Master Association Board of Directors, the Grounds Committee and CEPCO have been receiving many comments from the community regarding the condition of the landscape in our common areas.
Community Manager Angie Baker and I have met with representatives of our prime contractor, Mainscape Landscaping, to address these and many other concerns about the company’s recent performance.
We learned that there have been changes recently in key positions in the local office of this large company.  It is unfortunate that we had no prior notice of those changes, and we have expressed that to the new management.
Their response to our concerns regarding appearance of the common areas centers on these key points:
Changes made to the Federal H2B seasonal non-agricultural visa program this year cut the company’s available seasonal labor by about 50 percent.
Competition for  competent labor in the Wilmington area is at a very high level.  Construction is booming, infrastructure improvements are immense, and the available labor market is not up to the current demand.
Mainscape states that they have raised their base salaries and have taken on a large group of new labor in the last two weeks to keep up with seasonal work obligations.
Angie and I enumerated a list of projects that need attention at this time.   Since that meeting we have seen movement on the contractor’s part to meet the outstanding obligations, but a lot remains to be done. As a committee we feel they are striving to meet the expectations of the community. 
We are asking for indulgence from the community at this time, to allow the contractor time to prove or disprove their commitment to Magnolia Greens.  The Grounds Committee, CEPCO and the Master Association Board appreciate your expressed concern about the appearance of our community, and are doing our best to meet those concerns.
John VanGorder
MGMA Grounds Committee