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Access Pass Usage at Amenities
Posted on May 11th, 2018

It has come to the attention of MGMA that several incidents have recently occurred in which persons either without a key card or a key card that is deactivated have gained entrance to our amenities. This email is to remind residents that they should not allow entrance to any person who is not utilizing their own key card for entrance. While it  may seem neighborly to allow others to enter our facilities without that person or persons scanning their own key card, it is a violation. Additional information can be found on our website under the HOA Document/Compliance Violations and Procedures. This rule is designed to preserve the community’s integrity, protect our residents and promote peace of mind.    
Magnolia Greens residents are provided with a photo ID access key card in order to use most of our facilities. The card is deactivated when a person is no longer a resident or not in good standing. In addition, our card key access system is monitored for the safety of our residents and to prevent unauthorized use of our facilities. The Recreation Center Handicap reader allows the door to be open for a longer period of time and should only be used for those needed additional time to get safely through the door. Please ensure that only you and your immediate party enters under your key card. Amenity safety begins with access.