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Update on Fiber and Sidewalks
Posted on Jan 6th, 2017

I am writing this message to make residents aware of several activities presently occurring within Magnolia Greens. One is the efforts of ATT to complete their digging by the end of next week. With the weather forecast calling for more rain and wintery precipation, ATT cannot say with certainty that this schedule will be maintained. 

Secondly, you may observe several people on segways throughout MG. These people are surveying the sidewalks marked by an "X" put there by the Town of Leland. These are contractors who are helping the Town in preparation for the bid responses (due 1/9) in advance of awarding contract to repair our sidewalks.

As for ATMC intents, ATMC intends to begin digging and installing fiber optics cable into Waterford within the next several weeks. ATMC's schedule is to complete all of Waterford by end of May 2017. ATMC plans to work sections within Waterford and when enough subscribe (~300), they will turn on that section(s) allowing hi-speed to flow. When ATMC completes Waterford, a decision will be made as to MG. Do not be surprised if you see surveys questioning your interests re fiber optics and service providers (TWC, ATT, ATMC). If you are interested in competeition, you may wish to respond to these surveys.

As I learn more, I will continue to provide updates to the community.

George Steelberg, President MGMA