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New Badges and Access Update
Posted on Mar 14th, 2019

In order to access the pickleball/tennis/basketball courts, OCH pool gates and the Owners Clubhouse one must swipe the new badge at the card reader as punch in codes will not be accepted. Please remember the OCH pool and pool deck is not open at this time.

The new security badges have been made available to all primary residents of each household. Although we have badges available for all primary residents in MG, not all badges have been picked up at this time. These badges are still available for pick up at the CEPCO office during their regular hours Monday through Thursday 8:30 am – 1 pm, and Fridays 8:30 am – 12:30 pm. Please remember to bring proper ID in order to receive your badge. The distribution of these badges will also be available on Saturday March 16, 10 am – 2 pm at the OCH.  If you have been a resident for more than ten years you will need to have your picture taken before your new security badge will be issued to you.

The distribution of additional residents in the household badges will now begin. There are now several new badge levels available for MG residents. Pictures will need to be taken for these badges unless you have previous picture on file. You must bring proper ID before these badges will be distributed.

Eligible resident – this badges is issued to ages 16 and above. The badge will have full gate access to all facilities except for the OCH front door. This badge will have a GREEN lanyard.

Eligible resident exception – this badge is issued to residents 12 and older. This badge will only give access to the basketball courts. A waiver must be signed by the parent/guardian. This badge will NOT give access to the Annex/game room, pools or rec center.  The badge will have a RED lanyard attached at all times.

Eligible resident exception – this badge is issued to 14 and 15 year olds. The badge will have a BLUE  lanyard attached at all times. The badge will only allow access to the Fitness and exercise equipment and requires a separate waiver signed by Parent /Guardian.  Parent/Guardian must accompany the badge holder at all times when using the equipment.  This badge will also give access for only this badge holder to access the annex/game room. A waiver must be signed by the parent/guardian. The badge does not give access to any pools in MG.

The specific rules and regulations for facilities are available on the MG website. Check Amenities, Owners Clubhouse and Recreation Center Usage. Please review these rules with the recipient of the new badge holder. Waivers will also be available on the MG website under Forms.


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