Indoor Pool Reopening
Posted on Jan 14th, 2017

The indoor pool saline conversion is now complete and the pool environment is stabilizing over this weekend.  As a result, the indoor pool will now re-open next Monday, January 16 at 1 pm for all activities.
This saline (saltwater) pool conversion involved replacing the old, traditional liquid chlorine injector system with a new electrolytic system that produces low levels of chlorine gas to kill bacteria in the pool.  This electrolytic system requires a very low concentration of salt in the pool water (salinity) in order for it to generate the necessary chlorine gas.  Thus, contrary to popular belief, a saline or “saltwater” pool still uses chlorine as the water disinfecting agent, just in a more user-friendly form.  As part of our saline conversion a new, salt resistant handrail and pool ladder were also installed.  A bit of trivia ... the initial conversion of our 25,000 gallon indoor “freshwater” pool to a saline pool involved dumping approximately 800 pounds of salt into the pool!   
The salinity of saline pools is only about one-tenth (10%) of that of ocean water, and about one-third of a human tear drop.  Most people will not be able to taste the low salinity pool water and there should not be any chlorine smell in the air.  By reducing overall chlorine content, which can be a skin irritant to some folks, our new saline pool water will feel softer on the skin and should minimize any fading of swimsuits.  Another benefit is that operational costs for a saline pool are less than a liquid chlorine pool and it is easier to maintain the proper pH balance in a saline pool.
So, enjoy your new indoor saline pool and please provide some feedback to Sallie or Marlene on your swimming experiences!