New Website!
Posted on Jan 6th, 2017

If you had a login from the old website.
Please read the following carefully before trying to login to the new site ...
If you had a login id and password on the old website, then you already have an account on the new website, but on this new website, your username is your Email Address. 
Also, you will need to reset your password on your first visit.  To do this, click on 'Login', and when the login screen appears (as shown below), click 'Forgot Password'.
On the Forgot Password screen (shown below), enter your Email address from the old website, and you should shortly receive an Email with a secure link that will allow you to set your password.  
There have been a few cases where this Email has been lost, because it was incorrectly marked as Spam by your Email system.  If this mail does not arrive after a few minutes, check your Spam folder to see if it might be there.  There have also been cases where the Email address in the old website profile was no longer valid.  If that is the case, then you should use the "Register" feature to request a new account (below).
If your old profile had multiple Email addresses (for multiple residents), then all of those Email addresses will be usernames on the new site. Multiple residents at the same address can have their own login name and password.  
Some, but not all, additional resident information has been transferred to the new site.  Once you have logged in, use the 'Your Profile' link in the upper left to update profile information for you and others at the same address.  That page contains additional instructions on how to update your profile for different situations.  
If you are a new resident, or did not have a login on the old website.
If you did not have a login on the old website (or if you have just purchased or moved to Magnolia Greens) then you will need to Register for an account.  Click the 'Register' link in the upper left to request a new login.  Enter your name, Magnolia Greens address, and Email address on this form.  Once your registration has been approved by an administrator, you will receive an Email with instructions on how to login. 
If you get stuck.
And finally, if you get completely stuck, use the 'Contact Us' link to your left, select 'Webmaster' as the destination, send a message, and we will be glad to help with any issues you encounter.