Rec Ctr Front Doors
With the constant problems experienced with the front doors, the BoD has voted to replace the vertical rod doors closure system with a magnetic lock system
The benefit of the vertical rod system is that in case of power failure, access to a facility is denied. Our problem has been that the closing mechanism does not function properly and does not secure the facility at all. The vertical rod system is totally unreliable at this point.
The mag lock system is a proven system which we use at the OCH. The issue with mag locks is that in case of power failures someone must go and manually lock the doors using a key. No big deal, just an inconvenience especially if the power failure occurs during the night.
The parts are on order and expected completion is 2 weeks from today (February 19). The work will be done by BFPE as there needs to be a tie-in with the badge access system.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Facilities Committee and Board of Directors