Downed Brick Columns and Fence on Pine Harvest
The Board “at last” is able to announce the repairing of the downed brick columns and fence on Pine Harvest near the entrance into Waterford. 
While it has been just over 6 months since Hurricane Florence visited Magnolia Greens, her destructive powers are still seen today - blue tarps on roofs and downed trees and fences.  Finally, the repair needed for the downed brick columns will begin Tuesday, March 19th and will continue into next week for the fence installation.
For several months various area fence companies were contacted but that produced no returned calls. It took until late December 2018 before CEPCO received any call back. After several iterations with Seegar Fencing, we signed a contract in mid-January for 100’ of fence replacement and brick column repair. Seegar Fence continued to avoid phone calls from CEPCO requesting scheduling information.  Finally, the Board terminated the brick replacement portion of that contract based on the lack of progress and unresponsiveness. Thus began the search for brick masons. CEPCO called at least 12 brick mason companies - some were individuals and others were larger companies. Three of those called failed to honor their scheduled appointments and those that did show, failed to provide requested quotes or required paperwork (insurance/license). (This is written to provide background information only.) 
I, as MGMA President, have repeatedly stated that the most difficult job for your Board and CEPCO is finding qualified subcontractors. This was never so evident in trying to remedy this hurricane caused damage. The Board has been vigilant in trying to correct this “eyesore” for months and we are not pleased that it has taken so long. We appreciate your patience during this time. So, “at last” the search is now behind us and the repair can begin! 
George Steelberg, President and the MGMA Board of Directors