Rental Policy Amendment
Posted on Apr 17th, 2020

Some residents are wondering why they received a letter with a ballot while others did not.  This matter relates to the Covenant change to the present Rental Policy which requires a 90 day minimum lease.
The Board became aware that communities across the country have expanded this change in policy to further their home values.  After seeing that several local communities also changed their view on this matter, we thought it was time to ask our residents if they would approve a change to the minimum time period to 1 year, instead of the current 90 days.
This process started in October.  A ballot on the change request was included with the mailing of the annual budget and election of new Board members.  This second, more recent mailing was directed only to those residents who have not responded to the original ballot to date.  Any Covenant change requires a vote by homeowners. To those of you who have not done so, please respond and let your vote be counted. 
I hope this message clarifies why some residents received a mailing but others did not.
George Steelberg
President, MGMA