Pool Opening
Although the Governor has stated the guidelines for moving into Phase 2 this Friday evening, Magnolia Greens will not be opening our pools at this time. The BoD ordered 10 sets of sanitizing stations early in the lockdown process but we are still awaiting the arrival of our shipment. Had we not ordered the stations when we did, July would be the earliest availability as per the supplier. Pool Professionals will be installing these stations when they become available.
We know that we cannot keep the virus out but we are doing our best to mitigate the risk of infection with sanitizing stations and several planned cleaning times during each and every day.
There will be follow up messages in the next week or so explaining future guidelines (i.e., hours of operation, capacity limits, etc).
We appreciate your ongoing support and ask that you continue to make the healthy choices for your family and community.
Board of Directors and Facility Committee