OCH Pool Message
As many of you know, the Owners Clubhouse (OCH) pool was re-surfaced and re-tiled over the winter shutdown. 
Since the pool has opened in mid-April, there have been several instances where  children’s feet have been scrapped and cut. From the first notification of this injury, your Board of Directors (BoD) and Facilities Committee have been working to determine what caused this problem. Our pool vendor, Pool Professionals, was called and advised of the issue. They sent several technicians to walk the pool floor in an attempt to locate the rough area. We also asked approximately 12 adults to walk the pool and tell us what they found. A small area in front of the steps was determined to have some high spots that could cause this problem.
The Facilities Committee has spoken with the vendor who re-surfaced the pool and invited them to come and help locate any other rough areas and correct the rough spots in the OCH pool.  This vendor is not a local company so scheduling was critical to resolving this problem. The vendor will be on-site within the next 16 days - this is the very best date we could negotiate as the summer season is upon us now. We will advise the community of status as we get closer to the scheduled date. Until this situation is corrected, the BoD suggests that consideration be given to having your child wear water shoes.
Your Board of Directors and Facilities Committee have been accused of turning a “blind eye” to this issue since it deals only with younger people. Let me be clear when I write we have been proactively attempting to resolve this issue from the first notification and take these issues seriously. Your Board and Facilities Committee care equally for all age groups within Magnolia Greens and strive to ensure that all residents and guests have a safe and enjoyable time while visiting our amenities.
Board of Directors