OCH Pool Usage - Large Inflatable Items
With only one pool available at this time, it is important to address the limitations of enjoyable space.  When so many residents are in the pool at the same time, large inflatable items create both a hazard and an inconvenience for everyone in the pool.  
Our current pool rules state: “Standard pool items such as soft, spongy balls and inflatable pool toys designed specifically for pool use are allowed as long as the use of these items does not interfere with others who are using the pool.”  This rule applies to all MG pools.  The next rule specifically refers to only the indoor pool due to its size and it states: “Float devices used in the indoor pool can be no larger than 24 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height.”
Neither Facilities Committee nor the Board of Directors wish to impose additional rules at this time or to have temporary restrictions on the OCH pool.  Therefore, we request all residents using the OCH pool to limit the size and number of inflatables items.  Any item not in use in the pool should be removed; floatables should not be unattended and they should not be in the lap lanes.  The two swim lanes are for lap swimmers and lap walkers.  The steps and ladders are not areas to leave items or for residents to sit; access to and from the poll should be unobstructed.
If everyone abides by these sensible, courteous guidelines, all residents will be able to enjoy the pool.  The situation will be monitored in order to see if any action by the MGMA is warranted but we are hopeful that common sense will prevail.
MGMA Board of Directors and Facilities Committee