Rec Center Renovation Update.
Posted on Jul 8th, 2018

Recreation Center Update - July 2018   by Bill Haggerty
As we move into mid-summer the Rec Center Renovation project should have reached a milestone, namely the conclusion of its design phase.  This phase included not only developing the new floor plan for the current rec center and its companion new annex building, but also selecting most of the visible interior finishes.  These include hallway flooring, specialty flooring in the aerobics, weight and exercise rooms, carpeting in the new multi-purpose room, paint colors, all interior glass and doors, locker room flooring, counters, sinks and showers with associated hardware, ceiling lighting and overhead fans, etc.  Plans have also been finalized for those out-of-sight utilities such as: HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, all of which will be new.  
All the architect’s design plans and construction drawings were gathered into a comprehensive bid package which was scheduled to be released in mid-June to several general contractors for bidding.  The current schedule calls for signing the major general construction contract in late July.  This schedule supports the planned closure of the entire rec center site immediately after Labor Day to begin construction.  The plan is still to have the project completed and the new rec center complex, along with both pools, re-opened by May 1, 2019.
As you read this in early July the operation to re-badge the entire MG community should be well underway.  The new badging hardware and software were installed in late May and CEPCO staff was trained.  This intensive effort will involve making over 2,000 new badges and CEPCO staff will be working longer hours through the summer to meet the September deadline.  Please respect the signs on the rec center office indicating when the office is officially closed, although staff may be inside working on the re-badging effort.  While most MG residents will not need new photos to be taken there will be a moderate number who will require a new photo.  Broadcast email announcements and notices on the MG website will be keeping residents updated of this effort.  
For those residents who chose the second option B for the 2017 Special Assessment, this is a reminder that the third payment is due August 1, 2018 and late after end of business day August 31, 2018.  Late fees will be assessed after this date. Please contact CEPCO at 1022 Grandiflora Drive Suite 100, Leland, NC, 910-395-1500 if you have any questions about your Special Assessment Payment or HOA account.
Lastly, your MG Board of Directors continues to discuss the schedule for the 2018 Special Assessment ($500 per unit) and payment details will be announced later this year.  As always, please continue to monitor the MG website for updates on the renovation progress, schedule and the latest answers to resident questions. This is the most timely source of information and any questions about the rec center renovation can be submitted via the “Contact Us” tab on the MG website. 
We thank the many owners who continue to make their timely 2017 Special Assessment payments.