Community Re-badging Effort
Posted on Jul 17th, 2018

The operation to re-badge the entire Magnolia Greens community is underway.  New badging hardware and software has been installed and Cepco staff has been trained in its procedures.  This intensive effort will involve making over 2,000 new badges. CEPCO staff will be working longer hours through the summer to meet the September deadline.   
Currently the staff has made calls through the entire alphabet for photo taking of residents who have lived in MG 10 years or more.  But there are many of you that staff was unable to contact due to outdated information.  If you have not been contacted and belong in the over ten year residency level, the information staff has is incorrect.  Please call the rec center (910-383-9881) or email to with the correct contact information.  Also please be prepared to state which afternoon next week (1-3 PM) would be a good time for your picture. Residents who need new photos must have their picture taken before the end of July 2018 as the printing process of new badges will begin next month. Remember that we are only re-taking photos of those whose pictures were taken in 2008 or earlier. Many thanks for your cooperation.
Additional note for all residents:  Please respect the signs on the rec center office indicating when the office is officially closed, although staff may be inside working on this re-badging effort. Broadcast email announcements and notices on the MG website will be keeping residents updated of this effort.
As always, please share this email with your MG neighbors who may not have received it. 
Thank you.
MGMA Board of Directors