MG Entrance Sign Replacements
This year the MGMA approved changing the entrance signs at Azalea Gardens to improve its appearance. Residents in this area were canvassed for their input and a design was chosen and contracted out. This week the old entrance signs will be taken down and, for a short period of time, the area will be vacant. The existing decorative metal work will be repainted with the MG green color and installed with the new signage. These new signs are expected to be installed the first week of August.
Forest Edge also had their entrance sign removed due to deterioration of the columns and line of sight issues. Residents in this area overwhelmingly voted for the sign bordered in brick with white vinyl coated posts under the Forest Edge decal.  This design is now going out for bids. 
We are looking forward to these upgrades! Landscaping at these locations will be designed at a later date and installed in the appropriate season.