Rec Center Closed Until Further Notice
Posted on Aug 18th, 2017

Rec Center Closed Until Further Notice
An Update
Friday, August 18
With the lightning strike Monday, your Board of Directors and Facilities Committee has been working diligently to get the Rec Ctr back in usable condition. To give you a better perspective on the lightning strike impact to the Rec Ctr, I will attempt to list what was damaged: the phones were damaged and need to be replaced; two computers and monitors were damaged - one computer and monitor has been replaced while the other computer and monitor are on order; the internet went down and has been repaired but in the process of correcting this issue, it was found that the Netgear router associated with the security monitoring system also needs to be replaced and has been ordered.  Also, the building access system was found to still need additional parts after corrections were made to known problems - these parts are ordered and, at this time, are the long lead items;  there is known damage to several pieces of workout equipment, and the equipment repair technician has been contacted to provide a complete diagnosis on all workout equipment. Your Board is concerned that other problems may be found that could cause harm to the users. Until we receive a “clean bill of health”, the BoD, in good conscious, cannot open the Rec Ctr for general usage. This is a liability issue which we, the BoD, take very seriously.
Not to be outdone, the water pump at the Owner’s Club House failed. This pump circulates the water through the filtering system and with this failure, the OCH pool had to be closed. The replacement part has been ordered and should be installed by tomorrow evening. This failure of the OCH pool was totally unexpected. Once the installation is complete, the BoD will re-open the OCH pool and close the Rec Ctr as previously stated.
Your Board is diligently working to resolve these issues and we will with time. Your Board has been actively participating in repair/replace decisions.  Members of the Facilities Committee have donated their time to monitor the opening and closing of the pools.
Magnolia Greens Board of Directors,  August 18, 2017