Pool Showers and Wet Clothing
Both outdoor pools have outdoor showers and, for the indoor pool, there are showers in the two locker rooms. (Please note there is a foot shower located near the floor of the Rec Center outdoor pool shower). The rules state: “Swimmers must shower before entering the pools. Persons with obvious infections including colds, lesions and open sores will not be allowed in the pool.”  We encourage people to obey these rules for their health and safety as well as for the health and safety of others.  Showering also reduces dirt and oils that maybe tracked into the pools and onto our lounge chairs.

Wet clothing or bathing suits are only permitted inside the outside bathrooms, indoor pool room and Rec Center locker rooms.   Please do not enter any other area in the Annex Building or Rec Center with wet clothing or bathing suits.  Let’s keep our new facilities viable and safe!
Please share this information with your fellow residents who may not have received it.  Thank you.  Facilities Committee