H2Go Sewer Smoke Testing in Magnolia Greens
H2GO, the water and sewer provider for the Magnolia Greens, has begun to do their routine, periodic testing of the sanitary sewer system in their areas of service.  This is done annually in portions of their service area and is designed to verify the absence of leaks or other problems within their piping system. They have just recently posted signs, currently in the Pine Harvest area, indicating this testing activity.
They utilize a simulated, non-toxic “smoke” injection process that may be visible in street areas when being used. It should stay within the pipes, not enter homes and is safe for humans and animals alike.
The smoke may be visible exiting street drains or injection sites.
The H2Go website has a more detailed Q & A about this process for those interested.
They have confirmed that the entire Magnolia Greens area will be included in their current testing, but it will occur over a period of time.  We have not been informed of any detailed schedule for areas.
Question should be directed to H2Go customer service, 910-371-9949.