Hurricane Florence update

Update on the aftereffects of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina on September 14th knocking out electrical services, internet services, and even cell phone services.  Our community, much luckier than others, is slowly recovering from damaged homes and disfigured property. The return to normalcy depends on a number of variables; many outside the control of MGMA.  Within our means, the Board and all its committees are working diligently to bring our community back to functionality.  This will take time and we believe realistically can be accomplished by end of October; therefore, we ask for patience and perseverance from our residents.

The Town of Leland’s website’s ( news feed and Post Florence FAQ’s provide a wealth of information. Town Manager David Hollis has stated “The town is working on debris and tree cleanup in all the roadways. The primary work to date has been to clear the roadways for emergency and service vehicles.  This work is still ongoing in some areas, but the majority will be completed soon.” As for debris pickup, the town’s area has been assessed and neighborhoods that have been hit the hardest are receiving priority. Currently there is no definitive schedule. The following information has been obtained from the town’s website:

Bagged debris will not be picked up as it can cause equipment problems. Residents may not place debris in the roadways as this constitutes a safety hazard and hinders emergency vehicles.  Large debris may block sidewalks but fire hydrants, mailboxes and storm drains may not be blocked.  While some residents may wish to hire their own contractor to remove debris, the debris dropoff site on Old Lanvale Road will not be operating while the storm debris contract is in place. Storm debris refers only to vegetation (trees, shrubs, pine cones, etc) and does not include furniture, flooring, fences and other building material. Waste Industries will not be picking up storm debris as that will be covered under Leland’s storm debris contract but Waste Industries service will resume normal pickup this week as per regular schedule. In addition, please note that a burning ban is in place in Leland.

The trees between the sidewalk and street that are leaning or otherwise need removal will be addressed in an upcoming phase of work by the town. Hollis also addressed the mosquito problem, “Mosquito spraying should continue through the entire town this week and into next week as needed.”  For more detailed information, the TOL website has posted a map and general schedule for areas that will be ground sprayed (by truck).  .

Inquiries concerning MGMA can be sent via the contact us link on our MG website and inquiries concerning the Town of Leland can be sent via the contact us link on the TOL website. The Town utilizes the See Click Fix app for issues such as potholes, road blockages, sidewalk issues, etc. and details of this are also on TOL’s website

Please continue to view MG website for updated information and please share this information with neighbors who may not have received this email.

MGMA Board of Directors