Recreation and Fitness Center Reopening Announcement
Our primary concern remains the health, safety, and well-being of our residents in the community. We will be putting in place the best available daily cleaning practices to reduce the risk of viral infection.
Hours – 5:00 AM TO 11:00 PM - Allows for early morning professional cleaning and disinfecting.
  • The use of face masks / cloth coverings is MANDATORY in all parts of the Recreation Center except when conducting strenuous workouts in the fitness rooms.
  • Use hand sanitizer immediately upon entrance and frequently during your visit.
  • Social distancing is mandated – stay 6 feet away from other residents.
  • All water fountains are turned off until further notice.
  • Entry and exit are only allowed through the front door of the main building.
  • Upon entry, residents are required to sign in with name, address, and time on a provided clipboard.
  • No guests, including non-resident family members, are allowed in the Recreation Center until further notice.
GAME ROOM – Will not be opened at this time due to mechanical Issues.
  • Wipe down books after handling in the library or before returning or donating.
MULTI PURPOSE ROOM - Will not be opened at this time due to mechanical Issues.
FITNESS ROOMS - The following additional specific fitness room rules are in effect until further notice:
  • As directed by the State of North Carolina, a limit of 30% occupancy has been established for the Recreation Center Fitness Rooms. Residents are required to check the number of people in each fitness room prior to entering. If the number is at the 30% max occupancy, you must wait until at least one person departs the room before entering. The maximum allowed occupancy for each fitness room is as follows:
  •         Exercise Room: 6
  •         Weight Room: 2
  •         Aerobics Room: 6
  • Yellow-taped equipment is off limits for use.
  • Social Distancing of six feet must always be maintained, to include when using the strength machines in the Exercise Room. Do not use a strength machine if the one immediately next to it is occupied.
  • During high use periods, limit your fitness activities to no more than one hour.
  • All equipment must be THOROUGHLY wiped down with disinfecting wipes focusing on every touchpoint Prior to and After use.
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently during your workout.
  • The use of a face mask / cloth covering is MANDATORY when not conducting a strenuous workout.
  • The locker rooms - lockers, showers, and saunas remain closed until further notice.
  • Wipes and spray sanitizer will be available to wipe down touchpoints and toilets before and after each use.
  • Pool users are not allowed to use the rec center bathrooms. Continue to use the Annex Building bathrooms when using the outdoor pool.
Thank you for your patience and support.
When using any MG amenities, you do so at your own risk.