Installation of UV lights at the Rec Center
    In order to provide you greater protection against COVID-19, O'Brien Service Company will be at the Rec Center on Friday September 11th at 8:30am to install Ultra Violet lights in all 7 HVAC units including the OCH .These UV lights have been used for 40 years to reduce virus particles in the environment. 
    The technicians will need to access three of the air handling units through the weight room ceiling. We ask that while these technicians are using this access, please do not use this room. The other two air handlers can be reached through the back hall ceiling and will not interfere in anyone's activities.
This work is scheduled to be completed in 1 day.
   Your Board and Facilities Committee are doing as much as possible to provide a safer environment for you and the community.  Thank you for your cooperation and support,  The Board of Directors and the Facilities committee.