Board of Directors Announcement
Posted on Nov 13th, 2018
The MGMA thanks Vicki Douglas and Ralph Maggio for their leadership on the Board of Directors.  Their commitment and service to the Magnolia Greens Community is greatly appreciated.
The Board of Directors is an elected body consisting of five property owners who serve two-year terms.  The Board manages the business and finances of the Association, enforces the Covenants, sets policy and develops rules and regulations. 
At the 2018 Annual MGMA Meeting two new members were elected while retaining one current member.
The New 2018 -2019 Board of Directors announces the following positions:
George Steelberg, President 
Bob Campbell, Vice-president 
Sharon Hodson, Secretary
Pete Gillon, Treasurer 
Bob Wieland, at-large member 
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The next Board meeting will be held December 17th, 3 pm at the Owners Clubhouse.  There is no November Board meeting due to the holidays.
Hurricane Cleanup
Posted on Oct 25th, 2018
Upcoming Events
Children’s Christmas Party
Saturday, December 8th
All children are invited to come meet Santa, share cookies and engage in some fun holiday related activities.   For more information, including how to make a reservation, please click here.