April Rec Center Update
Posted on Apr 14th, 2019
OCH Pool Opening April 12th
Posted on Apr 11th, 2019
OCH Pool Opening

Good news!  The OCH pool passed its opening inspection allowing the pool to be opened this Friday, April 12th.  You will need your new Magnolia Greens security badge to enter the pool area. Click 'Read More' for the full announcement.
Pine Harvest / Redfield Intersection
Posted on Apr 1st, 2019

Pine Harvest/Redfield Intersection

For many years the intersection of Pine Harvest and Redfield Drive has been perceived as having limited range of vision. To remedy this concern MGMA removed the landscaping surrounding the columns as a first step in improving visibility. To continue this effort on obtaining a good line of sight at this intersection, the Board of Directors has approved a contract to remove the two brick columns at the entrance to Forest Edge.  A time frame for the removal has not been determined (as of this writing), but the work is expected to be completed within the next 30 days. Removing these two monuments will go a long way to alleviate some of the issues with sight lines when pulling onto Pine Harvest.


Upcoming Events
Spring Magnolia Greens Garage Sale
Saturday, April 27th, 8:00am-12:00pm
Individual homes in all neighborhoods.  Clean out those closets, attics and garages!  It is a great opportunity to sell “gently used” items and make some “summer vacation money”!  For more information, and if you want to participate, please click here.
Garage Sale Seek & Find for Kids
Saturday, April 27th, 9AM - 12PM

Attention All Kids!

Magnolia Greens is hosting a “Seek & Find” during the Garage Sale this spring.  It should be a fun event for children and everybody is encouraged to participate.  Click here for more information


Family Movie Night
Saturday, May 18th, 7:30pm-9:30pm at Owners Clubhouse
An evening of movie watching and "concession stand" snacks for children (8+ years old) and parents.