Access Rules Infractions
Posted on Aug 20th, 2019
It has come to the Board of Directors’ attention that there is continued infractions of our access rules. Access to any and all MG amenities is via the card readers.  Residents in good standing (current with dues and not subject to violation penalties) will be able to enter facilities with the new access badges.  These badges have been available at the CEPCO office since April and now can be obtained at the Rec Center office Monday thru Friday 8:30 am – 1:00 pm and first and third Saturday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.
The new badges provide access to the resident to whom they are designated. Usage by any other person is an infraction.  Guest passes have limited time periods and will not work on days not programmed onto that guest card.  Children who meet the age requirement may have their own pass card but this only provides limited and restricted access and should not be interpreted as allowing access to all areas.  
An access violation is in conflict with our rules and policies and these violations have consequences. While we know our residents wish to be helpful and courteous, residents should not open gates and doors to anyone who has not swiped their card into the access reader.  Anyone providing access to people without working badges or just letting someone else into our facilities will be notified of their infraction and its penalty. Opening exit doors to permit entrance into a room or facility is also prohibited; several of these doors will produce an alarm when opened. Please obey our HOA rules as they are for the safety of our residents.  These rules are available for review on our website under amenities.
Rec Center Entrance and Temporary Times
Posted on Aug 17th, 2019
Starting August 18, you will need to swipe your badge and enter the Rec Center through the pool gate. You can then walk down to the Rec Center entrance and swipe your badge by the indoor pool and locker rooms.  The Front door entry system is having a slight problem at this time. The vendor will be called to address and correct the issue as soon as possible. This routine will continue until further notice.  The pool gate hours are from 6:00 am until 8:30 pm.
This does not affect the Annex/Game room.  Those hours will continue to be 7 am through 11 pm.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please pass this information along to others.
Rec Center Information to Review
Posted on Aug 16th, 2019
With the opening up of your newly renovated Rec Center, please take a few moments to acquaint yourselves with the updated rules associated with these amenities by reviewing the appropriate document (Annex and Game Room Rules, Multi-purpose Room Rules and Facilities Overview).   Please note that at this time we will not be opening up the Multipurpose Room or the Annex/Room for RENTALS. These amenities will be open to all owners with proper badging and reevaluated for rental purposes after a period of 3 months.  Click here to review these documents
Please enjoy your new facilities and be respectful of the rules of usage.
Upcoming Events
Music and Dancing Under the Stars
Saturday, September 7th, 7:30 PM at Owners Clubhouse / Pool Area
Come enjoy  music and/or dancing under the stars on Saturday, September 7 at the Owners Club House/Pool area.  DJ Jerry Surprise will provide the music as you  listen or dance under the stars.  Soft drinks, water and light hors d’oevres will be provided.  The cost will be $10/per person.  Click here for additional information.
Welcome Event
Sunday, September 22nd, 7:00pm-9:00pm at Owners Clubhouse
New residents are welcomed to the community and will gain insights of Magnolia Greens from the Board of Directors and the Committee Chairpersons.  Click here for information on how to RSVP.