Important Weather Related Information
Posted on Sep 10th, 2018
MGMA is asking all residents to please clean and take away all debris near the street storm drains on their home street. Clearing the street storm drain grates will assist in removing water from the street more quickly.    
The weather will dictate whether Waste Management / Brunsco may or may not pick up trash/recycling this Friday.  Their decision will be based on weather and road conditions.  If there is No Pickup, Waste Management will revert to normal trash pickups (regular day of the week) only on 9/21.   
The Owners’ Clubhouse and pool will be closing Tuesday, September 11th at 10 am due to the approaching storm.
It is important to prepare yourself and your property for the possibility of hurricane conditions.  Secure outside lawn furniture, potted plants, hoses, flags, outside decor, etc and make plans in accordance to your circumstance.  
Stay safe.
MGMA Board of Directors
Street Drains
Posted on Sep 10th, 2018
Dear Magnolia Greens Neighbors,
Your Board of Directors and the Grounds Committee have been working hard on the flooding issues within our neighborhood. However, there is one major thing all of you can do to help that is not difficult but will probably make the largest impact on street flooding during Hurricane Florence.
We are seconding the message sent by the MGMA Board to please look now at the street drains around where you live and clean them of all pine straw and any other debris. Unfortunately, they will probably clog again once the high winds blow more pine needles and leaves into the street and the heavy rains wash them into the street drains. To that end, we ask you to periodically (when it’s safe) clean the street drains again of accumulated debris to help the water drain into our storage ponds.
Thank you,
Dennis Collene
Chair, Magnolia Greens Grounds Committee
Upcoming Events
Magnolia Greens 20th Anniversary Gala
Sunday, September 23rd, 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM at Magnolia Greens Golf Course.
The Magnolia Greens 20th Anniversary Celebration Gala will take place on September 23, 2018 from 5 to 9 pm at the golf course. There will be music, dancing, raffle prizes, cash bar and a sumptuous buffet dinner catered by “Middle of the Island Catering”. 
Registration is now closed.
Sign in, for those who are registered, will begin at 4 pm in the golf course banquet room.
Arts & Craft Show
Saturday, October 27th at Owners Clubhouse, Golf Course Banquet Room, Poolside
Enjoy seeing the talents of the community and do some early holiday shopping for handmade items.