Architectural Standards
Architectural Standards and Review Committee (ASRC) Guidelines 
Origin, Authority and Application of the Architectural Design Guidelines
The Architectural Design Guidelines are a derivative set of standards that are intended to amplify and bring more specificity to the general property development guidelines as referenced in the MG Protective Covenants.  Article 11 of the Covenants authorizes the Architectural Design Guidelines as a single, comprehensive set of standards for all residential properties.  The MG Master Association’s Board of Directors have charged the Architectural Standards and Review Committee (ASRC) with the administration of these Design Guidelines when they are considering requests for new construction projects and for requests for changes to existing dwellings or landscaping. 
The majority of the information in the Architectural Design Guidelines applies to new construction projects; however, the same standards that apply to new construction also apply to change and enhancement projects. 
The following simplified guide is offered to assist property owners to easily navigate and avoid being overwhelmed by the lengthy Architectural Design Guidelines document:
All new construction projects as well as all change and enhancement projects will begin with a request that is submitted to the ASRC for consideration.  (The Application and Review Process is explained on page 8.)
Specific requirements and standards are listed by category under Building Design Guidelines beginning on page 8 and under Site Design Guidelines beginning on page 15.
The Architectural Design Guidelines, New Construction Builders Forms and Change Request Forms are included below in PDF Format.  Property owners that are planning a new construction project or change to an existing house or landscaping should download or print the necessary forms, complete them and provide the necessary number of copies to the Community Management office.