Login Help
The Members section of the MGMA Website is for the exclusive use of Magnolia Greens residents and property owners.  If you are either new to Magnolia Greens, or have not logged into the site for some time and are having difficulty, please continue reading below ...
On the MGMA Website, your email address is your Username.
If you are new to Magnolia Greens, or if you are using a new email address, registration is simple.  You can click here, or use the 'Register' link on the Home page.  Once your request has been approved by an administrator, you will receive instructions via email on how to login. 
If you see this message when you enter your email address:
Then there is already an account setup for this email address.  If you can't login to the site with this email address, you likely need to reset your password.
To do this, first click on the 'Login' link on the Home Page. 
On the Login page, ignore the username and password boxes, and click on the 'Forgot Password' link. 
What appears next is a form asking you to enter your email address.  It is expecting your current email address in your website account profile.  The Website will send a brief email to this address, and the Email will contain a link. Just click on this link, and you will be shown a secure web page where you can enter your new password.
Again, note that the Username: requested is your email address (the one where you found the email). Enter your password, click Submit, and you should be able to use the MGMA website. 
There are a couple of issues you may encounter on a password reset.  First, sometimes the mail takes a while to be delivered.  Sometimes it gets delivered, but incorrectly winds up in your JUNK or SPAM filter, so you may want to check that directory for that email if it seems to be missing.  Lastly, the email link will become invalid if not used with an hour or so, and you may have to repeat the process. 
Additional Notes:
If your Web Browser has been instructed to "remember' an older username or password then you will have to re-enter the new values when you login.  Your browser will continue to pre-fill the username and password with the old (and now incorrect) values, until you re-enter new ones.  At this point, your browser should ask you if you want to remember the new values, and you should respond 'yes'.
Again, if you encounter issues, one of our Administrators can remotely set a username and password for you.  Use the 'Contact Us' link to send a brief message asking for assistance.